Delivery Solution

Logistics Solution that perfectly fits your needs.
We design services based on your requirements to best serve your customers for unmatched service excellence.

last Mile

First Mile

Line Haul

Key Offerings

  • Same Day & Next Day Delivery Just let us know when you want it delivered
  •  Route Optimization Our innovative system determines the best routing to ensure speedy delivery and cost effectiveness
  • Customized to Your Needs Our experienced team will design the best solution for you that could involve all possibilities such as hub and spoke, different vehicle sizes
  • Vehicle Choices We offer all kinds of vehicles
  • Driver Management: Training + Special Skills We carefully select and monitor our couriers. We train and make sure they are of good quality to serve businesses like yours
  • Equipment Delivery specialities such as food containers, thermal-control boxes, oversized boxes and security boxes.
  • Your Drivers. Your Uniform Our couriers to wear your branded uniform while serving
  • Location-based marketing Promote your products to people residing in your area
  • Flexing Pricing Distance-based or time-based
  • Scale up and down to your daily volume Never over-employ couriers again

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